5 Reasons Why Thick Black Tights Are My Saviour

I’ll get straight to it, I hate having to shave my legs. Even more so in the winter when it’s so cold in the mornings that I’m covered in goosebumps. I cannot shave my legs with goosebumps. This is why my legs will usually be encased in the thickest black tights available. They’re the best, here’s why…

First off, a work mate gave me a tip-off about M&S tights and I’ve never looked back.

1. They cover a multitude of sins, from not having shaved in a month – we’ve all been there, stop judging me – to hiding bruises and skin so pale it’s almost translucent.

2. They always, always look chic. From day-to-night they do the job and they do it well, no matter the outfit.

3. You can wear any skirt length with 100 deniers and still nothing will be on show.

4. They’re always there to tone down an otherwise over-the-top outfit. Case in point, the suede skirt, printed shirt, animal print coat and blue snakeskin pom pom shoes above.

5. M&S make ones that keep the heat in when you get cold and cool you down when it’s warm. Shout out to their 100 denier Body Sensor’s. They truly rock.

This is why I have a drawer crammed full of them. Thank you black tights. Long may you continue to be my saviour.


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