5 Things I Want to Buy for My Home Immediately

Now we’ve decorated our living room I am on a mission to fill it with gorgeous things in varying shades of grey and orange. These are the five things I’m currently crushing on.

Mid-Century Ceramic Vases


Hand painted and then etched with gold details, these vases would look beautiful on my dining table filled with hydrangea.

White Rim, Rectangle Lacquer Trays


I’m already imagining cramming all my candles onto this tray and letting them burn away while sitting on a little coffee table.

Ponoma Cotton Bedspread with Pom Poms


I am a sucker for anything grey so it won me over pretty instantly but then I saw the pom poms. Sold.

Filament Light Bulb Tube


In an ideal world I’d have a whole row of these hanging from my bedroom ceiling, right over my new pom pom edged bedspread…

Kiko Mirror


We got a Not on the High Street voucher for Christmas and I want to spend it on both of these mirrors, ready to hang in our soon-to-be-decorated bathroom.

Got any homeware places I need to snooping on, drop ’em below.


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  1. Avatar Nat says:

    In love with that Pom pom bed spread. Rick made us a bed side table out of a turquoise tray I picked up at a market. mine currently has an organic coconut and lime candle in it……delish 🙂

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