7 Reasons Why Anthropologie is Trying to Bankrupt Me

I am pretty damned sure that Anthropologie – you know that grown-up site that I aspire to buy from – is trying to bankrupt me.

1. They make gorgeous crockery. Seriously, I’ve never wanted to buy bowls so much in my life. Especially these Kamari Nut Bowls. I’ll take one in every colour and keep makeup, jewellery, nuts and anything else I can find in them.

2. They make dessert plates with giraffes on. I mean. Come on. I frickin’ love giraffes.


3. The jewellery is perfection. Case in point this Caro Tortoiseshell Necklace and these dinky triangular Mint Jade Posts. The earrings are to die for in all their understated glory.


4. One word. Handbags. In particular I’ve got my eye on this Adella Hobo. It’s soft red suede, side zips and relaxed shape completely float my boat.


5. I have a thing for scatter cushions. I’ve currently got my eye on the hand-painted Seraphita Cushion and the Folding Fans Cushion with all its tassels.


6. I’m looking at quilts which cost just shy of £200 for goodness sake. This Peonia Quilt isn’t something I’d normally go for but it’s definitely something I now want. A cotton silk mix with a gorgeous print in blues and oranges. It’s not too delicate or feminine.


7. After scouring the web for the perfect free-standing mirror, I of course find the Gleaming Primrose Mirror on Anthropologie.  Doh!

I also don’t know how I’ll now live without this Molly Hatch Desk Clock, or an Illusion Monogram Letter. And I haven’t even mentioned the clothes *cough* Dana Cord Dungarees *cough*.

Damn you Anthropologie.


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