The 6 Perks of Currently Only Having a Bath in My Bathroom

We’re in the exciting process of having our bathroom decorated, taking us from 70’s peach everything to my favourite shades of white and grey, featuring some gorgeous things from as well. Where we’re at now means I have a luxurious new bath that while we don’t have a shower, I’m indulging in completely. Because baths rock.

Here’s why…
1. It means I have a reason to lay and do nothing, enforcing some much-needed down time.

2. I can put a ridiculous amount of bubble bath – or shower gel in my case – in and make a bubble beard, pleasing my inner 5-year old.

3. I can fill the bath right to the top, stretch my toes out against the taps and submerge myself.

4. I can light a tonne of candles and really enjoy watching the flames dance while I soak.

5. I can read my book interruption free for at least 30 minutes.

6. Or I can catch up on a missed episode of Love Island – judge me, see if I care!

But I will be pleased when I get my shower back.


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