Want it on Wednesday: More Embellished Sandals with the Swoon Factor

You know how some people are addicted to cheese or chocolate, well I feel the same way about shoes. In particular, the kind of shoe that has been completely bedazzled, has a whopper of a pom pom stuck on it or is in a crazy animal print. That’s my thing. Shoes are my crack.

Which will totally explain the latest pair of heels on hit list. Helloooooo, ASOS Salon Heroism Embellished Heeled Sandals, you mega-babe pair of shoes.

Check out the disco-ball like heels! Swoooooooon. There is nothing I love more than a disco ball, as my previous work wife well knows and bought for my living room but, I digress.

The 3D flowers add to the swoon factor. You may remember these pointy-toed babies with the flower factor, and the attention those heels get is amazing, so these would be taking that adoration to the next level. And I am down with that. And all that glitter.

They look bat-shit cray and I am all over that in a pair of shoes. I can see myself strolling for dinner in these in Portugal (have I mentioned I’m off on holiday soon?!?!) with my pasty pins out.

Bring it on heels. I’m a coming for ya.


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