Want it on Wednesday: Rockets Galore

As I start to type this post I have Elton John’s Rocket Man lyrics swooping around in my head, which is only fitting seeing as this dress is covered in rockets. And I dig it. A lot.

I have a habit of browsing THE WHITEPEPPER but never actually commit to a purchase. I can only assume it’s because the angel on my shoulder is constantly whispering in my ear that any spare money goes straight in the wedding fund, or the bathroom fund depending on what needs more attention at that time.

In a bid to go intergalactic, this Dropped Peplum Dress from THE WHITEPEPPER x Hattie Stewart collection, is just the ticket.

There’s nothing I don’t like here. The colour is stunning and not a blue I own. I love the cute line drawings of planets, rockets and stars. I adore the winking face emoji. And it’s a good length for my long body before dropping into a gathered peplum.

The only thing that would take this dress to the next level is the addition of pockets. Which it has. Bingo.


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