The 4 Items I Want to Fill My Living Room With

We’ve been living in our little maisonette coming up for two years now and it’s taken us a while to get round to decorating, but slowly and surely we’re starting to put our stamp on the place. These are the four things that we need to put the finishing touches to our living room.

1. This gorgeous metallic copper Moroccan Foot Stool from Not on the High Street is the perfect finishing touch to our all grey and orange living room. When it’s not being used for its actual purpose I want to rest a decorative tray on top loaded with candles.  Luckily for us, my sister gave us a voucher last Christmas which will help break the price down a bit. I love the Moroccan vibes and think this’ll look beautiful next to the new foliage we’ve just added to the room.


2. Enter said grey Woven Tray that I want to sit proudly on the foot stool above. I have a selection of old jam jars that would look great nestled into this tray.

3. A bad-ass Robert Plant poster. I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and have followed in my dad’s footsteps with them being the band I idolise, so it makes perfect sense for me to buy a poster of my fave front man to hang on my living room wall. In this, Mr Plant strutting his stuff at their 1975 Earls Court gig.


4. Greenery. I am all about turning our living room into a jungle and covering every bit of empty space with something big and green. This weekend we picked up this dreamy Areca Palm, a Dracaena Marginata and a really cool tree thingy with a twisted stem that I can’t remember the name of for love nor money. The palm is my favourite and is currently residing in our spare room until we’ve moved our new loo and sink out of the living room.

Once I have these four items, my living room will be complete.


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