5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Own My Own Home

Al and I are currently in the process of buying our own place which is both super exciting and bloody tedious – solicitors are currently the bane of my life – so because being constantly surrounded by boxes is grating on me, I thought I’d write a little post about the positives and why I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on the keys. Here are the five reasons I can’t wait to own my own place.

1. So I can sort my clothes by type and colour and hang them in an actual wardrobe away from damp. Yes I have OCD issues. Currently they’re living on busted clothes rails, bound together by tape and cable ties or in boxes piled everywhere. This is not the life for them. Just looking at them like this makes me sad.

2. The fact that soon (hopefully) I’ll own something which would make me an adult. Scary thought. I’ll also then be paying off my own mortgage rather than paying someone elses with rent.
3. So I can invest in super cool furniture like this Rodnik Shark Fin Chair from Made.com, which is beyond awesome. I don’t think it’ll go with the current decor nor will it fit in the space we have but, you know, the option is there.

4. I can stop buying clothes (uhm hmmm) and start buying art like a proper grown up. I’m thinking Broadway style lights and garish neon signs. Made.com and Dwell are fast becoming my most browsed sights. It’s the sign of a change I tell you.

5. I apologise for this last serving of cheese but I honestly can’t wait to share this new chapter with Al and experience all these new things together. Major cringe but very true.

So, if you know any cool furniture sites or shops I should be looking at hit me up. Or, if you fancy bitching about solicitors with me, tweet me @josclothes.


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