Flat-Pack Clutches

I find something weirdly alluring about a completely flat clutch. I’m also freakishly protective about the amount I carry in one as I have this weird thing about overfilling them and ruining the shape. I don’t know what it is, I’m not normally so OCD, apart from when it comes to checking that things are locked and all plug switches off at least twice before leaving the house.

In my everyday handbags I just throw in any old junk and walk out the door but with these I take extra care and precision pack.

It’s all about the bare minimum:
Phone – an obvious essential as I will no doubt need to tweet or Instagram my food at some point
Lipstick – to help stop my face looking so pasty and washed out
Purse – this slim-line furry purple number contains my debit card, ID, and notes.
Keys – are only taken if I’m not with Al, otherwise he’ll carry them.

My collection of flat clutches has grown threefold – I’ve always wanted to use that expression, although I’m not sure if I’ve used it correctly – due to Christmas and my birthday coming in one hit.

My collection which is stacked proudly above for all to see is as follows:. Shimmery gold animal print from my bestie Chez. She clearly knows me well. Black and pink Whistles clutch that oozes sophistication was a Christmas present from my dad. Purple furry purse, not quite a clutch but not far off, from my bestie Lisa.

Are you a slim line or bulky bag carrier?


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