Want it on Wednesday: The Winter Bag of my DREAMS

I’ll be honest with you. I’m very nervous about posting today’s item as my Want it on Wednesday for two reasons. Reason 1, I love it so much but can’t exactly justify buying it as I’m meant to be saving for a house. Reason 2, I’m scared you’ll all now go and buy it and it will go out of stock, flushing my dream of owning it down the drain.

Either way, I’ve decided to be generous and post it. Fingers crossed I’ll send out a subliminal message and receive this as an unexpected Christmas/birthday gift. Well, you never know… There is 50% off…

Just look at it. This is the Z Spoke by Zac Posen Eartha Metallic Leather Tote and it is a thing of such beauty I almost cried when I saw it.
Note the soft metallic bronzed leather, I just want to lick it and then stroke it. I don’t even care if that’s weird.
I just want to own this and have it swinging off my arm on a daily basis. Is that too much to ask. Really?

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