The 12 Best Things That Happened in August and Put a Smile on My Face

August has gone by in a blur so I noted down my best bits… It’s been one helluva sweaty, barbecue-filled month.

1. Al and I went to visit a possible venue for our UK wedding party and were pleasantly surprised. It’s our first viewing (seeing as we’re getting married on a beach abroad) and made the whole thing feel more real.

2. I’ve been enjoying changing up my makeup in the heat and smudging a sparkly green kohl under my lower lashes.

3. The sun has been shining beautifully, meaning I’ve been taking my fave polka-dot midi skirt out for a twirl or two. Although my body has been melting in the process…

4. Al I ventured to the wilderness that is IKEA and managed to spend less than £150 and didn’t even get within sniffing distance of a candle. I call that a success.

5. Meaning we’re nearing the finish line with our massive bathroom redecoration. I’m now a dab hand with a paint brush.

6. I fell head over heels for J.W.Anderson’s dreamy aqua booties. *Swoon*

7. Our best friends announced their pregnancy and Al I couldn’t be more excited for them.

8. August was packed full with a tonne of barbecues with family, friends and a whole load of babies. Just call me the baby whisperer.

9. My hair has definitely been staying blonder for longer and is feeling silky soft thanks to my new favourite shampoo and conditioner from OGX.

10. I’ve been carving out some much needed me time to decompress after a busy work day and trying not to beat myself up for only posting three times a week here.

11. Finding some possible wedding shoe contenders… And then realising that the wedding is just over a year away…

12. Rescuing some gorgeous deep teal furniture for our spare room and proudly having somewhere to display my handbag collection.

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