A Dedication to My Mister

twiggy and ozzy osbourne

Today is a special day for two reasons, firstly, it’s Al’s 30th birthday and secondly, it’s exactly a year ago that he proposed to me. So today, I’m dedicating a post to the guy who always makes hot water bottles for my IBS, who cooks without cheese – his favourite ingredient – for me, who doesn’t make a fuss that my clothes and shoes are taking over the house, and who makes me the happiest girl in the world.

Al is the sweetest, most caring, loyal, gorgeous, hilarious and slightly evil man I’ve ever met. He’s the only one who’s ever managed to change my opinion about getting married and wanting children at some point in our future. He’s encouraged me to commit and put down roots, excitedly seeing how things will grow.

He’s the man behind many photos, the one who tells me if my outfit is too granny-chic before I leave the house in the morning, the one who always makes me dinner, the one who taught me to trust again and the one who picked me up after a nasty fall. He’s definitely the only one I’d ever change my surname for.

And by the looks of things, he’s the only one I’d ever write a soppy post for. Because genuinely, I’ve never been so happy. And that’s all thanks to him.

Happy dirty thirty, Al. Let’s be having it.

And yes, Al can rock a mean smokey eye. I should probably point out this was us at my bestie’s fancy dress party a few years ago now, him as Ozzy Osbourne and me as Twiggy. Just because.


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