5 Things I Do When I Need Some Me Time

Every now and then I like to carve out an evening for myself, doing my favourite things, to take my mind away from all the stress, worry and general anxieties that tend to build up. There are five things that help relax my body and calm my mind.

1. Pulling on my leggings, rolling out my yoga mat and working my way through a 40 minute Yoga with Adriene practice. I love how by concentrating on the practice my mind frees itself of everything else. I love how my body is getting stronger and can work through more of the transitions. And I love how satisfied, chuffed and energised I feel after 40 minutes of downwards dog.

2. I love me a passionfruit and mango candle which Tesco happen to sell for a mere £1. For me a burning candle symbolises chill time, I love watching the flickering light bounce around. These bad boys smell delicious and last for yonks. It’s a win win.

3. I have become an absolute wedding magazine fiend. I can’t get enough of them in all their overpriced glory. I’ve taken to ripping out any colours or themes that catch my eye and sticking them in my planner for inspiration. Every time I start to feel down all I have to do is remind myself how excited I am to marry my gorgeous fiancé and how much fun I’m having with the planning.

4. I am a massive fan of chic lit. Give me a book by Cecelia Ahern or Lucy Diamond any day and I will consume it within 48 hours max. That’s what train commutes and bus replacement services are for, or a nice, hot bubble bath.

5. Flowers will never fail to put a smile on my face and whenever I can, I like to have enough bouquets in my house to make me feel like Elton John. I take great pleasure and pride in pulling them together in our wide array of vases and empty bottles and placing them in every room in our flat.

Boom. There you have it. The five things I swear by to chill the f**k out.


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