13 Things That Made My March Special

March has been a pretty tough month. My IBS has been all over place, I’ve been putting myself under a lot of pressure and have had some tough family stuff going on.  I’ve also managed to squeeze in some beautiful baby cuddles and family time to put a smile on my face.

1. Al and I picked up all of our wedding stationary and absolutely adore it. Once the weddings over expect to see it in all its glory.

2. March equals work bonus time, which meant two new pleated midi skirts joined my wardrobe. One animal print and one floral, obviously. Oh, and I picked up some pretty sweet cat-eye sunnies in an animal print.

3. My bunny, Lils, lost 700g – a third of her weight – after being on a strict diet for 6 weeks. She’s now able to clean herself properly and seems a lot happier. Even if she has taken to chewing holes in my carpet.

4. I’ve squeezed in all the baby cuddles and loads of family time this month which is always my favourite.

5. I met Sunny Anderson, one of my fave US chefs, at work.

6. I started reading regularly again. In the past three weeks I’ve whizzed through two rom coms and am halfway through Ruby Wax, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled. I love her humour around all things mental health.

7. I successfully reintroduced avocados back into my life. Although as I’m still in the reintroduction phase, I haven’t been able to eat them again since.

8. I’ve spent a lot of time making toys out of cardboard for Lils. She is the most affectionate bunny ever and spending time playing with her eases the anxious part of my mind.

9. I spent Mother’s Day spoiling my mum, feasting on roast beef and chilling with my auntie and godfather before being surprised by my cousin, her wife and their baby boy.

10. I treated myself to a big bunch of eucalyptus which I then stuffed in as many vases and empty whiskey bottles as possible.

11. I made an exciting Amazon order in preparation for our wedding and holiday, treating myself to an Instax camera and GoPro to play with.

12. The majority of people have now booked to come to our wedding, we’re at the 40 mark which is so amazing seeing as we’re off to Antigua.

13. My bestie sent me a snap of her gorgeous daughter wearing an avocado baby grow I had bought her. My ovaries.

P.S April is IBS Awareness month and I’m excited about talking about it some more with you.

Share you’re highlights below, I’d love to hear them.


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