The Desperate Reintroduction of Avocados on the Low-FODMAP Diet

After 6 weeks of strictly following the Low-FODMAP diet I’ve finally started the reintroduction phase and it won’t come as any surprise that I started with avocados. Because god damn, I’ve missed them.

That’s right. Of all the options available (bread, pasta, onions, garlic…), I went for that silky-smooth green flesh. And I’m going to tell you why.

You see, avocados fall into the FODMAP category of polyols. Broken down further there are two types of polyols, sorbitol and mannitol. Avocado belongs to the former, which meant while I was following the diet for 6 weeks, buh bye avos.

Avocados, to me, were my weekend indulgence. I’d smush them – and that is very much a technical cooking term – with some rock salt and coriander to make a basic but very delicious guacamole. I’d then use salted tortilla chips to scoff the lot in about 10 seconds flat. Guacamole is my everything. Was my everything. And then FODMAP cruelly took that away from me.

I may sound a tad over dramatic but you know… I’m an #avoaddict.

Technically you could still have 1/4 of an avo while on the diet but that just wouldn’t have cut it for me plus, I have zero will power, so it was safer to not even be tempted to glance at an avo for 6 weeks. I avoided them, giving them the cold shoulder in the supermarkets.

When I had my reintroduction seminar, where you’re told to test the worst food from each of the five categories in three portion sizes over three days. As soon as you have any symptoms you stop, knowing that that’s your limit to that item and category. You then need to be three days symptom free before trying another category. Simples.

To give you an idea, these are the different categories:
Fructan Challenges
Wheat: Bread
Wheat: Pasta

Polyol Challenges
Sorbitol: Avocado or broccoli or coconut
Mannitol: Sweet potato or cauliflower or celery

Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) Challenge
Peas or baked beans or chickpeas

Fructose Challenge
Mango or honey

There’s also the lactose challenge but due to me already knowing that’s my worse trigger, the dietician agreed I can give that the swerve.

I started last Saturday with an afternoon treat of 1/4 avocado smushed into guacamole with about ten tortilla chips. For those 2 minutes it lasted, it was pure heaven and symptom free.

That Sunday I upped my avo dosage to a half, again in guacamole form and again, with no symptoms. It seemed to good to be true.

I rushed through work Monday in a desperate bid to hit up that whole avo. This time I had it on gluten-free toast, topped with a sprinkle of salt, chilli flakes and a fried egg. Oh my god was it good. I slowly savoured every bite.

Three symptom-free rounds with avocados and I can happily welcome them back into my life.

I cannot say the same for pasta where I didn’t even make it past round one (5 cooked tablespoons) without bloating, feeling sluggish, having the worst night’s sleep and my gut feeling really heavy the next day.

Next up, sweet potato. I’m ready for ya!

Remember, when life gives you avocados, make some guacamole with that shit.

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6 responses to “The Desperate Reintroduction of Avocados on the Low-FODMAP Diet”

  1. I’m so pleased for you that you’ve been able to reintroduce avocado! Hooray!

  2. Avatar Ceci says:

    Good job!!! I also love avocado!
    I have been on the diet for 2 years now, it changed my life!
    I discovered it myself after reading everything I could about IBS, only to confirm and give some theory on what was wrong with me! I thought I was crazy, but it turned out I wasn’t!
    Still It can be hard to eat out, since you never know if the restaurant is going to take your restrictions seriously (in US is almost impossible to eat a meat that hasn’t been marinated with garlic, so I usually go with fish or salads!!).
    I’m glad you are also finding your way through this diet.
    Keep going!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Thanks Ceci! It’s a good one isn’t it! I’m still on the reintroduction phase so working out what my body can and cannot handle. IBS is absolute nightmare! Jojo

  3. Woohoo! So pleased you can now enjoy the avo in all its glory! How many have you enjoyed since reintroduction success? 😉 Anna xo

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Only the avo! I tried pasta but it didn’t end well. Still waiting to feel 100% human so I can try something else!