Low-FODMAP Diet Week Four: The Booze Factor

In the IBS community booze is well-known as a bowel stimulant. So can someone please explain why I thought it was ok to drink a bottle of prosecco and do shots while on the Low-FODMAP diet?

I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed. But I did it anyway. Because for precisely 4 hours, I forgot I was 30. And an adult. An adult with IBS. An adult with IBS and supposedly strictly following the Low-FODMAP diet.

Instead, while at my little brother’s house party for his birthday, my heart was busy telling me I was 23 with no cares in the world. Hence the reason I said yes to a Jägerbomb. Yep, Jägermeister, Red Bull and an added speciality, Amaretto. I don’t even like any of those three ingredients but my inner teen was trying to be down with the kids. What a numpty.

After draining the dregs of my prosecco and realising that a hangover might be on the horizon I did the sensible thing and topped myself up with a good 3 pints of water. I returned to being a mature 30-year-old and left.

And for once, I’m pleased to say I felt fine upon waking up the next morning. My IBS didn’t even give as much as a gurgle. I had no bowel movements. No nothing. It was a small miracle.

Other than the booze factor, the diet’s going well. I’m only eating the things I’m meant to and still feeling great. It’s been life changing.

Minimal bloat. Only two flare ups. Normal movements. No cramps. It hasn’t been this good in forever.

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2 responses to “Low-FODMAP Diet Week Four: The Booze Factor”

  1. Avatar Kirsten says:

    I started low-FODMAP a couple of days ago after finally going to see a dietitian. I hope I feel as awesome as you do by the fourth week! Yay to no post-booze sickness!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Yes Kristen, this is such good news!!!! I honestly believe this is what normal people feel like! Am a bit behind with blogging but next week I start the reintroduction phrase. It can be tough but for me was so worth it. Good luck! Jojo xx