What to Do When an IBS Attack Strikes

The ever glamorous Gut Week kicks off today and as someone who suffers on a daily basis with IBS, I figured I’d write my top tips for dealing with an IBS attack. Because really, there is nothing worse than being unprepared. So sit back, pop the top button on your skinny jeans, let your stomach relax and gently stretch out.

Stop, Relax and Take Deep Breaths
IBS notoriously thrives on anxiety, stress, frustration and despair, which you will no doubt feel as soon as your stomach starts churning. Try to relax your body by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths. The more you try to relax your mind your body, hopefully, will follow suit.

Locate the Nearest Loo
As soon as you hear loud grumbling noises erupting from your gut you need to note the nearest toilet and calmly head straight for it.

Peppermint tea is a great stomach healer, helping to calm and relax the stomach and intestinal muscles that can help to get rid of cramps. For me, the smell also helps relieve stress.

Ease the Cramps
I find it hard to get rid of the cramps but do find hugging a hot water bottle or relaxing in a warm bubble bath both relieve the pains. Your first instinct will be to curl up in the foetal position but try stretching it out, trust me it’ll feel loads better.

Get Some Rest
After a bad attack I find my whole body feels drained and starts to shut down, where I struggle to complete even the easiest tasks. The best option here is to give your body what it needs and attempt to sleep it off.

Eat Sensibly
Avoid trigger foods, anything greasy or fatty, and eat what you know will ease your body back to reality. Start small building back up to regular sized meals.

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Got any tips I’ve missed, drop them in the comments below.

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