I Met My IBS Dietician and Didn’t Leave in Tears

For the first time ever, I went to an appointment about my IBS and didn’t leave 10 minutes later, in floods of tears. While that might not mean much to you, to me, this was a BIG deal.

I usually find myself flustered after the doctors have exhausted every test, talked through every different type of medication, told me to reduce my stress levels, do regular exercise, watch what I eat and then run out of things to say, that I leave my rushed appointment in tears. I’ve never felt like I was getting anywhere with the professionals.

You see, I’ve tried all the medication. Seriously, all of it. Mebeverine, Colpamin, Buscopan, blah blah blah. None of it worked for me. I play netball and take zumba classes, regular exercise checked. I now meditate, do sleep hypnosis and attempt yoga to keep my stress levels in check. I have a pretty good grip over what I can and can’t eat. I tracked down Symprove and struck up an awesome relationship with the team there. I reached out to Sam, aka the ruler of the Gut Health Empire and together we’re planning gut health empire takeover. My point being, these are all things I’ve achieved on my own.

So when I went to the doctors about a month ago, got past the blood test and stool sample (I can’t even begin to tell you how many I’ve had over the past 10 years), and practically begged to be referred to a dietician who specialised in FODMAPs, I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text confirming my appointment. Because I genuinely put it to the back of mind, thinking that it would never bloody happen. That’s how much hope I’d lost.

My IBS BFF (hola Sam!) has had great success following the low-FODMAP diet and while I’ve been following it loosely on my own, I want to be educated further. I want to know the ins and out. Exactly how much broccoli can I eat before my stomach blows up. Why can I only eat the green part of spring onions but not the white? How do I even go about reintroducing foods I’ve otherwise ruled out?

I went to the dietician with a mix of anxiousness and belief and had the best meeting ever. I was incredibly honest and said that really, I’ve found what works for me, without the help of a doctor. We raved about Symprove together (the only probiotic that’s clinically proven to work don’tcha know), we spoke about my diet, my understanding of what I can and can’t handle and if I’m getting enough calcium with my diary-free diet.

We spoke about my main triggers; dairy, gluten, onions, garlic and anything acidic. She weighed me, measured me and marked my poo off on a chart. We went through my symptoms; the bloating, the excruciating cramps, the urgency, the diarrhoea, the nausea, the extreme lethargy…

She was so positive, I found myself really opening up. She said she was impressed with everything I’d figured out and said that I’d be a perfect candidate for a FODMAP group at my local hospital. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to cry happy tears.

I left my appointment with a spring in my step and the biggest grin on my face and immediately rang Al and my mum to tell them everything.

I’ve now had confirmation and start my 6 week FODMAP course in January. A new year, a new start for my IBS and I.

If you take anything from this post let it be this, keep going. Keep pushing your doctor for more options, demand more and demand better. Beg them if you have to to meet a dietician. If I can get to this point after 10 years of living with IBS, then you can too. I’ve got your back.

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7 responses to “I Met My IBS Dietician and Didn’t Leave in Tears”

  1. I love this, i struggle with IBS too and I used to get so upset and down about it, i know how hard it can be! I had to follow a fodmap diet for a while too, nowerdays its so much better and i can eat most foods without effecting me all the time, the trick i used is to just think that you are not your ibs, it is something which is happening to you but it is not who you are and you will deal with it when ” loo trouble” occours!
    Eleanor x

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hi Eleanor, thank you! Sucks to hear you have IBS but always great when you find someone who knows exactly what you’re going through. That’s great to hear that you can eat most foods, I’m off dairy, wheat, onions, garlic and anything acidic as my tummy just can’t handle it. That’s so true, sometimes I get so worried about my IBS that I bring my symptoms on! Jo

  2. Avatar Michelle says:

    Your story is literally a mirror image of mine. Same amount of time, same triggers, same symptoms. I came across your blog by accident looking desperately on the internet for anything to help me after another epic flare up, 3 hours trapped in the bathroom feeling like the pain was so bad I was going to have to be hospitalised again. IBS is no laughing matter and when I couldn’t feel any lower about things, I found your totally honest blog. So from the bottom of my heart thank you. It sucks, it interferes with life but I was so happy to know I wasn’t alone because let’s face it someone who doesn’t suffer has no clue and cannot empathise with the way u feel physically and mentally Xxx

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Michelle, Welcome! And thanks for leaving me a comment. First of all, I’m glad my posts have left you feeling less alone. That’s the main reason I started sharing my story. IBS carries such a taboo and I found that no one wanted to talk about it. Nowadays I’ve become the one everyone comes too when they want to discuss their daily movements!! It sucks that you’ve been having such bad flares, do you know any of your triggers? Definitely feel free to email or Tweet me (whichever) as I’m happy to answer any questions or just have a general chat. X

      • Avatar Michelle says:

        Hi thanks for coming back to me. I do know my triggers and I like you am following a fodmap diet. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful I am I flare for no reason. The flares are bad. I have a child and I liken the pain to contractions it’s that bad. Like I said I have been hospitalised with this. Had all the same tests you have had. My triggers are also the same as yours. I have been researching symprove, do you think I should give it a go? At this point I honestly don’t even care about the cost. Did you have any side effects from it? I too am the go to to talk about anything bowel related. I think people feel more comfortable to ask as I have to talk about it as embarrassing as it is. My sister says I speak too much about it but that’s only because my life is so impacted. I fear eating. I’m panicking before I start and I think that’s half the battle. I’m on alverine and buscopan, drink peppermint tea like it’s going out of fashion and always carry loperamide and peppermint capsules. My doctor has also suggested morphine for the pain but I’m reluctant to take it long term. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’m losing hope of a normal life. I avoid going out whenever I can and have missed some pretty significant things. I even had a flare up on my wedding day. As you can imagine a flare up and a wedding dress is a recipe for disaster ? Xx