The 10 Best Things That Happened in July

July rocked and rocked and rocked. Multiple times. Here are my highlights.

1. I took my very own Patsy, in the form of my fag-ash mother, to see Ab Fab The Movie, after loving watching it while I was growing up. It was everything I hoped it would be; bonkers, packed with cameos and one-liners from Pats. What made it even better was the plush velvet sofas and large glass of wine at our fancy little cinema.

2. Al and I went on a banging family holiday for my auntie’s 60th birthday where we resembled a model line up of Taylor Swift’s squad. Or not. I also managed to drink a shit-tonne of sangria and survive with only one minor IBS blip.

3. I spent pretty much the entirely of July swishing around in my colourful array of midi skirts and loved every minute of it.

4. I finally accepted that I’m more thigh chafe than thigh gap and I’m ok with that.  You have to accept and love your flaws, not beat yourself up over them.

5. I got back into reading my favourite kind of books, chic lit don’tcha know, and sped read through at least three while on holiday.

6. Getting into the flow of regular yoga and loving how awesome I feel after it. If a little achey. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. That’s a good sign right?

7. Starting season 6 of my Sex and the City box set marathon. I am obsessed and can’t get enough. Even if I am starting to find Carrie a tad helpless and irritating. No I did not just write that. I take it back. I love her.

8. Being lent a pair of maternity jeans from a bestie to road test them with my IBS. Look out for a blog post and potential video featuring them. I’m so excited for this.

9. Successfully managing to catch up with nearly all my closest mates (bar a few special ones) in a month which rarely happens.

10. Giving a reading at a very special little lady’s christening and not stumbling like a bumbling idiot. Pow.

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Got any ass-kicking highlights? Drop ’em below.


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