I’m More Thigh Chafe Than Thigh Gap and I Couldn’t Give a Damn

I’m off on my hols in a couple of days time and one thing that always petrifies me is bearing my bikini body for the first time. The fact that I have to peel off my many layers to reveal my pasty pins, my IBS-bloated belly and thighs in all their wonder is kinda daunting. I don’t diet, I don’t go to the gym and I eat far too many chip-sticks.

While I’d love to have rock-hard abs, butt cheeks that could crack a walnut and arms so strong I could actually complete one press up, I just don’t really fancy giving any of the above up. I mean, I’m always going to say YES to cake.

All this means, is the sooner I accept my body as it is, the better. Yes I have areas I’m not that keen on, yes I have cellulite, yes I have stretchies and yes my tummy isn’t quite as flat as it was when I was 16, but so what?! This body has coped with a lot. It’s dealt with having half of my thyroid removed when I had a benign tumour growing around it. It’s dealt with having my tonsils out, two rounds of bleeds and a blood transfusion. And it regularly copes with bouts of IBS flare ups. It’s strong and tough. And I’m proud of that.

I’m more thigh chafe than thigh gap and do you know what, I couldn’t give a damn.

I’m taking my body to the beach and I’m putting a bikini on it.

P.S Check out Deliciously Stella on Instagram. She’s nailing it.

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