My Intentions for January

mudeford beach huts

My intentions for January involve taking some time to be myself. By the sea. In my favourite place. Planning my next steps.

I think I’ll feel weird with everyone going back to work while I’m still figuring out what path to take myself. So, I’m giving myself the gift of space. Of tranquillity. Of calm. Because if I’ve learnt anything about myself this past year (and boy, what an adventure that has been) it’s that I need to prioritise myself.

I’ll be taking the first week of January off and then I’ll be taking me, myself and I on a little break.

I’m talking salty sea air. Pebble beach. Crashing waves. The squawk of seagulls. Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. Whisky and a pint of prawns in the pub. Cockles doused in vinegar. Lots of dog watching. Sipping peppermint tea while watching the boats on the horizon.

Calm. Quiet. Peacefulness.

Just me.

And a chance to shape my next move. Plan what I want to do. Set my work intentions and then map out how to go get ‘em.

I’m determined to continue getting to know myself and what better way to do so then to take myself away from the humdrum of everyday life.

I’m investing in myself so I keep growing. So I can spread my wings wider. Be the person I want to be. Continue to make myself proud.

Because January is all about making myself feel good and sussing out what feels right business-wise and I’m here for it.


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