The 10 Best Things That Happened in June

June was a bloody brilliant month so I figured I’d round-up the best bits and note them down.

1. I only went and got a wedding dress. Shocker. This was definitely the most unexpected highlight of the month. It was the most magical and overwhelming feeling that I will cherish forever. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long to wear it.

2. Our bathroom redecorating is coming along nicely and we’re slowly erasing any traces of the previously all peach 70’s number that was there before. The walls are nearly completely tiled, the new bath, shower, sink and loo have been fitted and we are well on our way to having it look brand new and beautiful. Expect pictures.

3. We have more babies cooking in the family! Both of my beloved cousin’s wives are expecting and I cannot wait to be an honorary auntie again.

4. I finally picked up some courage to go back to the doctors and am having more testing completed to see whether we can rule out IBD.

5. The support from the Gut Health Empire Facebook group has been overwhelming. It’s crammed full of people in a similar boat all sharing their tips and tricks for achieving gut health. Plus, it was created by Samantha Jones, my IBS hero.

6. Al and I managed to successfully deliver all wedding invites. Finally. Because we are useless and completely disorganised this took us way longer than it should have done.

7. We also managed to complete the massive document that our wedding planner had sent over meaning the hard part of making all the initial plans are done. As is finding our wedding photographer. Phew.

8. I’ve been living in this perfect pink midi dress which has proved to be the best summer (if you can call it that) purchase I’ve made so far.

9. I felt brave enough to film and upload my ramblings on IBS, anxiety and me, one of the lesser spoken about symptoms that comes as part of the package. Damn it.

10. Attending one of my oldest friends little boy’s 1st birthday party and getting to celebrate with her, my other oldest bestie and her family. It was bliss.

There you have it. June was a blast. Now we’ll have to see how July stacks up.


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