7 Reasons This Midi Dress is My Best Summer Purchase

This Pleated Midi Dress from ASOS is the new holy grail of summer dresses and I’m going to tell you why…

1. First of all let me share with you the price, a mere £28. If that isn’t a bloody bargain then I don’t know what is. Especially when you factor in cost per wear (CPW). I’ve worn this dress around 7 times which brings me to £4 CPW so far. Oh yep, that’s bargain confirmation right there.


2. Secondly let’s take into consideration how perfectly flattering the cut of this jersey dress is. It hugs my chest before gently easing out over the waist, before dropping into generous pleats, which I know are waiting to hide my bloated IBS belly.


3. IT’S BACKLESS. Which I wrote in capitals to show just how excited I am. I have small boobies, meaning I can wear lacy bras or, if I’m feeling racy (go me) no bra at all. Because you gotta shake what mumma gave ya, and for me that is broad shoulders.

4. Backless + midi skirt = actual perfection. Need I say more. You should know by now that backless and midi are my buzz words.


5. It has a pretty good twirl factor. Although my bum does like to eat this dress… Awkward. And possibly TMI.

6. The colour is a gorgeous shade of pink which is flattering against my pale skin.

7. It’s so god-darn soft it is unreal.

Boom. Go buy it. You won’t regret it.


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  1. Avatar Nat says:

    Looks amazing on you – too long for my short ass frame 🙁
    BTW LOVE your shoes – where are those shoes from? Xx

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