New Blinging Neck Swag

I’d say that my best mates know me pretty well. How do I judge this, I hear you ask. It’s simple. I, rather shallowly, go by the gifts they kindly get me for my birthday and they always get it right.

Today’s hit list is two of the newest additions to my collection of necklaces or blinging neck swag, as the post is titled – which, by the way, I can’t explain.

Let me first introduce you the heavily-sparkled eagle number. Ta da…

I was lucky enough to receive this from one of my besties, Nikki, who clearly knows me well. You see, she knew that I needed more costume jewellery in my life and that I have a massive love for necklaces, particularly of the glittery kind, and she got it for me.

Now for the clear-plastic-covered-in-gemstones number. Ta da…

This one was gifted to me from another of my besties, Chez, my fashion partner in crime, if you will. You see, she’s super smart. She knows the contents of my wardrobe as if it were her own. She knows what I’ve got and what holes are left to fill. She also knows that one year when I attended London Fashion Weekend, I fell in love and purchased this massive plastic/perspex Nicholas King necklace. Knowing that I have a tendency towards plastic in necklaces, she got me this one to add to my collection.

I currently have these two on rotation depending on what mood I’m in. I go for the sparkles if my outfit needs brightening up, and the plastic if I want to add a tough but pretty finish to something simple, like a shirt or tee.

This is why these two are two of my besties (I also have plenty more reasons, I’m not completely shallow). They just get me, as cheesy as it. And I hate cheese.


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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Love the blog today!! �� Glad you liked the unusual but stylish necklace we got you JoJo!!! …we knew you were the one to pull it off! Xxxx