Why I Still Love to Send Thank You Cards

I’m constantly attached to my phone or laptop and I’m forever checking my Twitter feed, scanning Instagram pics or checking on friend’s and their babies on Facebook but that doesn’t change my love for putting pen to paper, especially when it comes to writing thank you cards. 

I love buying gifts for people. I enjoy hunting down the perfect item and I love watching that item bring a smile to their face as they unwrap it. I also love getting presents, and as a Christmas baby (28th December dontcha know) I get one massive hit. I know that people have gone to extra effort to buy me separate gifts so I always like to thank them and nothing says it better than pen and paper. I’m a sentimental old girl and love seeing and hearing the response. Case in point, my glorious auntie, “oh Jo, you’re so good” delivered with a big smile. Who wouldn’t want to hear that?

The cards cost me £4 from WHSmith and look beautifully simple. In my eyes, if someone is going to make an effort for you, you should be polite enough to return the favour.

Who else still loves to put pen to paper?


2 responses to “Why I Still Love to Send Thank You Cards”

  1. Avatar Caroline says:

    I was brought up to always send Thank You cards/notes and am continuing the same with my little boy.
    I too love giving gifts and seeing that persons reaction and the same with giving Thank You cards. It’s quite a feeling of accomplishment. 🙂

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