The Dreamy Shampoo That Lets Me Wash My Hair Every Three Days

After many years of searching, I’ve finally found my perfect shampoo and conditioner match. *Flicks hair over shoulders*

For a while now, my hair has not being playing ball. I’ve been switching between Kérastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo and Garner Ultimate Blends Strength Restorer Shampoo to keep my blonde locks smooth, nourished and healthy but neither had worked when it came to banishing a stubborn greasy patch on the back right of my head. Despite me upping my washing cycle from every other day to daily, nothing could shift it. Until I gave OGX® Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner a whirl.

I picked up a couple of sample bottles to take on my family holiday to Portugal, mainly because of the gorgeous coconut smell which, for me, sums up holidays. While there it maintained by hair, stopping it from becoming to brash from the heavy mix of chlorine and sun and kept it smooth despite the humidity. I instantly forgot about said greasy spot, until we got home and it returned. Dammit.

I rushed to the supermarket and grabbed me some full-sized bottles, keen to know if this miracle product was simply a holiday fluke. Happily, I can confirm it was not. It is in fact genius and miracle like.

The delicious-smelling blend of coconut milk to nourish, whipped egg white proteins for strength and elasticity alongside coconut oils for hydration, is dreamy. Firstly, the smell is heavenly, taking me back to Caribbean holidays. Secondly, it leaves my hair feeling like silk with minimum frizz.

And now for the big win, I can get away with not washing my hair for three whole days with no greasiness at all. What’s even better is that for those two days, I use minimal dry shampoo. This has never happened for me before.

I want to walk around with a wind machine so my hair fans around my face as I strut it down the street. That’s how good it is. I have not sworn loyal to a shampoo in a long time but this one absolutely nails it every single time.

What’s your go-to shampoo?


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