My Obsession with Smashbox Seafoam Mint Green Liner

When my bestie gives me makeup to play with, I like to accept the challenge of cack-handedly applying it all over my face until I find a way to make it work.

Case in point, a delicious but slightly intimidating Seafoam Mint Green eyeliner from Smashbox.

While ticking the shimmer-factor box and the fact that it’s retractable, I was scared shizless by the colour, highly doubting that I had the balls or skin tone to pull off such a strong shade of green. This meant I put off testing it properly until I’d thought it through a little more.

Now I can’t stop wearing it.

I found it too punchy along my top lash line so instead, have taken to drawing a fairly thin line from the middle of my lower lashes to the end, and then flicking it up and out for a little drama. And I love it.

It feels more fun than my default brown or grey kohl and allows me to rely on just this liner and a tonne of black mascara for my eyes, making my morning makeup routine super speedy.

It feels pretty and looks pretty cool if you ask me.


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