Coming Face to Face with a Gorgeous Rhino at Longleat

This weekend I finally got to take Al to Longleat for his belated birthday present. To cut a long story short he basically dropped a telly on his foot, crushing his little toe and ended up having part of it amputated, all just days before his birthday. Despite trying to jeopardise my plans, three weeks later, we finally made it. And blooming’ heck did we love it.

Highlights include getting super up close and personal with the gorgeous rhino above and obviously spending the entire weekend with this one.


The park was fairly empty, meaning we got to interrogate all the zoo keepers for as much information as possible. We got to see our new favourite animal, the anteater, in action, learnt all about the lemurs, saw meerkat manner, bats, beautiful butterflies and even spotted the two hippos in the lake. Prepare for the pictures.





It was the best way to end Al’s birthday celebrations.


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