A Love Letter to My Instagram Husband

A Love Letter to My Instagram Husband

After watching the hilarious Instagram Husband video on YouTube I decided to dedicate a post to the guy behind the lens of Jo’s Clothes… 

Dear Al, AKA my Instagram Husband,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for always being there to capture every moment for me and my blog.

For mowing the grass regularly so I can take outfit pictures outside no matter the weather. For getting down on your hands and knees to take the perfect shot of my glitter-covered footwear. For constantly directing my poses to make sure we get the perfect shot of the perfect outfit. For never eating until I’ve taken a picture of your plate. For being a Jo’s Clothes cheerleader and shouting about my blog to anyone who would listen. For smiling every time I shout, “shall we take a selfie?”

I’d be lost without you.

As would the blog.

Jojo x

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