Choosing My Wedding Fragrance; It Was Always Going to Be Chanel

Chanel Chance is my perfume jam. It was the first ever designer perfume I bought and I wore it for years. It became my go to. My scent. The one I was known for.

And then I fell out of love with it. My nose got sidetracked by the musty scents of Burberry BodyMy Burberry and the floral notes of Mason Margiela Replica Flower Market.

Then it got to the stage where I didn’t feel I could justify dropping £70 on a 50ml bottle of Chance Eau De Parfum. So instead friends sent me their high street fragrance recommendations, hello Rosie for Autograph. I even bought a mini Chloé to take with me on a work trip to tide me over until I had some spare coins.

Then I found myself back in the shops this weekend, my nose taking me on autopilot to the Chanel counter, and my arms reaching for Chance and giving myself with a hefty spritz. And it smelt divine.

Exactly as I remembered.

It brought back memories of going with my mum to buy it while she replaced her bottle of Coco Mademoiselle. Memories of spritzing a cloud of it and walking through in a twirl, then straight out the door to a party. It smells like summer and friends and laughter.

And on my wedding day, I not only want to look like me but smell like me. And Chanel Chance will always tick that box. And now I have it back in my life, I can’t stop admiring it.


4 responses to “Choosing My Wedding Fragrance; It Was Always Going to Be Chanel”

  1. Avatar Samantha says:

    God I feel the exact same way about Charlie Red. Just joking, Angel is my throw back fragrance of memories. And now I’ve read this…I know I need to go and grab myself a bottle.

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      OMG Sam, I bloody used to swear by Charlie body spray. Red, Blue and bloody Gold!! I must see your face again soon lady. X

  2. Avatar Kelsey says:

    Yasss to Chanel. I had Coco Mademoiselle for my wedding perfume and I love it. I now save it for special occasions that A and I will do in the future.

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