The Max Mara Coat I Want to Be Wearing NOW

While I know we’re still experiencing a pretty hot and sweaty heat wave – I’m trying to keep my pasty limbs out of it – I’m pretty darn ready for Autumn. And I’m not even sorry for typing that.

I can’t sunbathe in the UK unless there is a swimming (or paddling) pool to jump into. I hate the feeling of being too hot and not being able to cool down. I am the opposite of my parents who are both sun worshippers.

So yep, I have started browsing for the perfect winter coat, one of my favourite things to do at the end of summer. And yep, I have gone and found it already. Although, no, I can’t quite afford it just yet but that’s what dreams are made for.

This Max Mara wonder coat is flooding my dreams with its floor-sweeping abilities, bright orange body, baby blue lining and its brown and black striped lapel. Gimme those autumnal colours already, please.

It’s dramatic. It’s a coat that would swish into a room and command attention. And that’s what I’m after.

I’d like to werk it with some sassy knee-highs and a berry lip. Possibly some clothes, ’cause you know, it gets cold and I’d get dodgy looks on the 7:30am commute.

Cosmo is telling me it costs just under the £2K mark which makes me want to weep into my pillow, banging my fists and legs in childlike protest.

I may never be the proud owner of this absolute delight, but I will keep sneaking looks at the snap on my phone. Just because.

See you in my dreams Max Mara coat. See you in my dreams.


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