I wanna be a nostalgic chick….

I saw the ever stylish Susie Bubble wearing a pair of Heavy Machine shoes in a recent blog post and instantly had to check out their site.

They only have one collection up there currently, but that was enough to make me drool with hunger. My particular favourites are these…

Leather, suede and bit of pink patent and hellllooooooooo sexy shoes…. Named the Nostalgic Chick these shoes aren’t cheap cheap but then they are also not way-out expensive at $349.
The heel is what really makes it work for me. That elegant curve is magical. I also love the ankle strap, a perfect support method for my Bambi ankles, and then on top of all of that goodness a pop of pink patent. Ahhhhhhhhhh.
Heavy Machine was established in 2009 with the mindset of designing shoes that were sexy and edgy to empower the woman that wears them, alongside that they were made to comfortable to be able to run away in. Perfect.

All images are from Heavy Machine.

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