My Dream Summer Dress

When it’s super hot outside I like to feel as breezy as possible. I like to attempt to scrape my hair back into a widdy little bun (before it all goes haywire and falls out) and pull on a dress that is both flattering and billowy.

This blue and white striped swing dress from ASOS does the job nicely.

It has cute spaghetti straps that lead to a scoop neck before skimming into a tiered design with a swing body. Perfect for hiding a bloated IBS belly and as always, super easy to twirl in. Or, in my embarrassing case, be caught out Marilyn Monroe style while saying goodbye to Al’s family after a BBQ Sunday.

But do you wanna know the best bit? It’s backless apart from a couple of straps. And that for me, is always a winner.

What do you look for in the perfect summer dresses?


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