Trench time…

With such crappy weather outside (today I am wearing a cardie and a thick woolly cape plus a scarf) I think it’s an appropriate time to start looking for trench coats…and we all know no one does a good trench like Burberry…plus they always know how to shoot an ad campaign…enter Emma Watson for A/W 09/10
How good does she look here…totally justifies the fact that it’s a celeb in another campaign rather than a model…..but I think I’ll let them off just this once.

Erm sign me up for the classic trench please….


9 responses to “Trench time…”

  1. wow she looks really hot in those pics. i would never have thought that's her unless u told me. damn!

  2. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I really do love this ad…and the trenches.

  3. Avatar Yuka says:

    she is adorable. love their trench coats.

  4. she does look great, can't believe that she's little hermoine! love the trenches

  5. I love the first trench coat she's wearing. Amazing!

    Check out my blog. I have something for you!:D

  6. Avatar Lilith says:

    Yes Burberry always seems to make the best trenches all around don't they?

    Anyways, I love Emma Watson. She's managed to stay under the radar for celeb gossip, but she's doing extremely well in the fashion industry. It's also amazing seeing Emma Watson's role in the first Harry Potter movie to the newest movie and fashionista today.

  7. Avatar adrienne says:

    ok i definitely need a trench.

  8. Avatar Breeahna says:

    Lovely, I didnt even recognise her until I read your post!!

  9. she looks incredible in this, very Burberry, they chose well I think! What I would give for a Burberry trench, seriously…

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