Is This the Ultimate Party Dress?

I just so happen to think this might be the ULTIMATE party dress.

It has sequins AND fringing. I feel like if it only had one of the options I’d be happy, but both, that’s next level excitement. All my prayers have been answered. It’s incredible.

All hail the mecca that is ASOS for this T-Shirt Sequin Fringe Dress.

I actually think that if I owned this dress, I would spend the entire time spinning around on the dance floor, because this is definitely a dress that needs to be danced in. I’m imagining the sequins shimmering under the lights and the fringe flying around as I twirl uncontrollably. In my mind, I’ve already added this to my basket and checked out.

Did I mention that it also has a low back? And I’m a sucker for a scoop or even backless dress. Damn.


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