The H&M Jumper That is The Queen of Loungewear

When I walked into H&M the other day, I had no intention of buying anything. And then I saw this oversized khaki jumper, and that all changed. Dammit.

What with the wedding and saving my ass off to avoid any nasty debts, I’ve been pretty thrifty when it comes to buying things for myself. Choosing only to replace jeans when they are starting to form holes in them, emptying my wardrobes and giving to charity and wearing the crap out of my favourite outfits.

But this jumper felt super soft, looked like you could hide a mince pie or two underneath and was on sale for £15. It would have been rude not to at least try it on.

It’s safe to say I dug it. And I bought it.

As soon as I got home I switched into my comfies and pulled this jumper on. Everything about it is oversized. The sleeves are long and leave your fingers poking out the end, it has a longer back and dropped shoulders. It’s slouched perfection.

You can layer over tops or tuck the front into jeans and know that you’ll be super cosy and super comfy and those two things are high on my list of priorities. Gotta keep that IBS belly happy.

Can we also talk about khaki because this is not a colour that exists in my wardrobe already but is now one I’ll be picking up in the future. I like the deep, earthy colour against my fair skin and blonde hair.

While the jumper may no longer be in the sale, for £24.99 it’s not bad at all.

Now I should probably go wash mine because I haven’t taken it off yet.


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