The Wedding Rings, the Sentimental Garter and the Groom’s Pants

I’ve saved three of what I would call the little treasures for my last post about our big day. These items individually made me laugh, cry and turned me into a Mrs.

The Rings
I have to say, I had no real involvement when it came to the rings, they were all down to Al. We went back to Tilbrook Jewellery, who alongside Al, designed and made my engagement ring. When planning they’d already spoken about the wedding ring, which would be a band made with curves so that it would slot around the engagement ring. All I had to do was try the ring on for size. Simple!


Al went for a simple white gold band as he’s not one for wearing jewellery. Gary, the brains behind the business is a genius and we couldn’t be happier with his handiwork.


The Garter
When my gorgeous cousin Gem got married a few years ago she handmade her own garter, which my auntie then had our grannie’s wedding ring sewn on to. Obviously this had us all in tears at the time. For my wedding, Gem leant me her garter as my something borrowed, with the addition of a super special pin.


The pin was made by a jeweller in Cornwall, a place we used to visit for childhood holidays with our beloved grandad and has a tonne of sentimental charms hanging from it. These include a bucket, fish, crab, starfish and sea shells, again, all items that conjure up some magical memories of beach-time fun with him.

As soon as I saw it I was in tears, which was just after Chez finished doing my makeup.

The Groom’s Pants
Al and I decided that we didn’t want to get each other expensive gifts to swap on the morning of the wedding. Instead, I thought it’d be funny to send a novelty gift to make him laugh and help relax him.


These personalised property of the bride pants from Weasel and Stoat were genius! I had Mr and Mrs Coates added to the waistband to finish them off. They cost £20 and were worth every penny because upon opening them he immediately burst into laughter.

And that folks, is a wrap on our big day.

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Photos taken by Paul Mockford and you can see even more on his blog.


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