The Groom, the Ushers and the Floral Bridesmaids

I greedily wrote a whole post harping on whimsically about my sparkly wedding dress and now I’m going to bundle the rest of the wedding clan and their outfits together, because I’m selfish like that.

The Groom
Credit where credit is due, Al knew what he wanted. After a gentle shove in the right direction. While he does look super handsome in a suit, he would have not only melted but looked completely out-of-place on the beach in a three-piece. Instead he went for a gorgeous white shirt from Hugo Boss, a very light pinstriped short with navy suede belt, both from Reiss, worn with navy cut-out loafers from Russel and Bromley. He looked relaxed and totally gorgeous.


The Ushers
The ushers followed Al’s lead with patterned navy shorts from Marks and Spencers and white short-sleeved shirts and whichever shoes or flip flops they wanted. We wanted them to look relaxed but still smart.


The Bridesmaids
Finding the right bridesmaid dresses proved to be trickier. I didn’t want traditional dresses, I wanted something bright, colourful and potentially floral. Something that wasn’t too formal and felt natural to the Caribbean. We tried several disastrous dresses before nailing it with these ASOS ones, which I also managed to bag in the sale.


Thin straps, nipped in waists and a voluminous skirt in a gorgeous shade of lime green covered in multicoloured florals. I know it sounds hideous but they all looked beyond gorgeous and got tonnes of compliments. Again, we decided to let them wear whichever shoes they liked and have their hair and makeup as they wished, as long as they felt confident I was happy.170908-joalweb-817

Together, what with all of our guests wearing shorts and palm tree shirts (shout out to my dad), bright colours (shout out to my mum) and a shit-tonne of florals (shout out to my mother-in-law and friends) the pictures look bloody epic.

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Photos taken by Paul Mockford and you can see even more on his blog.


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