Is a Jumpsuit a No No for My Wedding Outfit?

I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding dresses and will do anything in my power to not have to go to an actual bridal shop. In fact I’ve stopped looking for traditional dresses and moved onto floaty affairs from Net-a-Porter and even all-white jumpsuits. And I’m hooked.

Unfortunately my results from a poll of two people shows that it’s not acceptable to wear a jumpsuit instead of a big-ass fancy dress. I tend to disagree because I’ve found two pretty immense jumpsuits, one budget and one high-end.

First up we have the Right on Track Halter Jumpsuit from Tobi and it’s got that summin’, summin’ going on.


Check out the classic collared neck, the peek-a-boo cut out front and the completely exposed back except for a couple of straps. Its made to flatter curves. Imagine me walking down the jetty aisle in this. Plus its only £65. Hello bargain.

Allow me to take it high-end for a moment with Roksanda’s Draped Cut Out Jersey and Crepe Jumpsuit.


Now this is an elegant knockout, from the perfectly crafted bodice, cutout waist and knotted sash detail to those slim-fit crepe pants. That draping is superb and I imagine would look dreamy as I walk in it. At £1,475 it is way more pricey but probably oh so worth it.

So, what do you think, can I wear a wedding jumpsuit instead of a wedding dress? Drop your opinion in the comments below. Make it a yes.


4 responses to “Is a Jumpsuit a No No for My Wedding Outfit?”

  1. Avatar Lisa says:

    YES! This is so you! x

  2. You’d rock a white bin liner! You’ll look amazing whatever you decide. Go for what feels right, I love this idea! x

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