VERY exciting…

Firstly I just want to say Happy 2010 to all my fellow bloggers and readers. I hope this year is a good one for you all. I have to admit mine didn’t end so well mainly due to a hospital appointment that didn’t go as I had planned, but I’ll be fine.

The good news is, that as you may have seen from my sidebar, I am now in a partnership with fashion website Very.

The partnership came out of the blue and has happened very quickly (did you see what I did there?) It’s really exciting and a massive step forward for my little blog, that quite honestly I didn’t ever expect. I never started this blog out on the premises that there might be some ‘perks’ or ‘freebies’. I blog because I love writing and I love fashion and being able to combine the two is a passion and hobby, plus it saves everyone around me from being bored stupid with my ramblings…

Anyway, the deal with Very is that each month I have a certain, shall we say allowance, with that I then get to choose an outfit which will get sent to me. Once I have my goodies I wear them, fingers crossed fall in love with them and then post a review here.

So I have picked my first outfit, I had to choose a dress, shoes and bag for £125. Easy Peasy. Seeing as the website is currently being fronted by Fearne Cotton and the fact that I am a little bit obsessed by her style, I have chosen one of her dresses to begin with…

How bloomin’ fantastic is that? Who would have thought I’d be so bloomin’ lucky? My friends are going to hate me a little bit..

Now I’m just waiting for the parcel to arrive….Watch this space…


4 responses to “VERY exciting…”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Wow, you ARE lucky! Dream oppurtunity! Love the dress you've picked.

  2. Avatar Julia says:

    Wow this sounds like an amazing opportunity. I'm a little bit jealous! Have fun with your parcels.


  3. You Jammy so and so!

    nicola xx

  4. Avatar LYDIA HOPE says:

    That's such a winner! Love this dress too, Fearne is stunning and just looks amazing in everything she wears 🙂

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