Claire Danes…Who woulda thunk it??

This may well turn out to be an image lead post as I seem to be at a loss for words. Mainly because when I first saw the pictures I actually thought my eyes were playing some sort of trick…I did not recognise who was in the pictures…yep…Claire Danes, who woulda thunk it?

She has never been an actress that stands out to me, this may be down to the fact that I don’t watch many films or ever remember who was in them. But I also never remember what she wears….I have a feeling she might always play it safe though….

Well anyway she has been shot for BlackBook, which I think is an online American mag and looks unrecognisable. They’ve gone for this 80s power revival theme and without meaning to sound all Tyra Banks…girl is working it….and looking fierce..(with much head shaking and finger wiggling)

My fave pic is this one in which she wears a black body suit and an incredible Gucci jacket and shoes…
Just look at those legs…If that’s what 8inch Gucci boots can do to you I want, no need a pair pronto…
Check out the rest of the pictures and her interview here…


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  1. Avatar Taryn Andre says:

    im not familiar with her work, but i will say that one shoulder dress she is wearing is amazing.

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