Calling all fellow bloggers…

Just a quick post calling all you fellow fashion bloggers if you want to swap links or even become one of my ‘little followers’ (that isn’t meant to sound creepy by the way..) just drop me a comment or email or shout or something and I will do all I can. I want to widen my intake of daily reads and need your help to do so…also if you yourself read any brilliant blogs that you want to share please let me know what I’m missing out on….thanks guys…


2 responses to “Calling all fellow bloggers…”

  1. Avatar Emz says:

    Haha I’ve been clicking on other people’s comments to find other people’s blogs. I’m such a stalker!

  2. Avatar Juliet says:

    aww thanks sweety for following my blog during the fashion week. you made my week. ill follow you.

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