Shoe galore, a little dedication

I have to just dedicate a post to my little (or rather very tall) friend Lisa. Now let me give you an insight into Lisa. She is the best at hunting down a bargain, she once managed to wrangle two pairs of Dries Van Noten shoes for a fiver each, I kid you not she knows how to hunt them down.

Having recently had a conversation about her birthday and what she did and got, she started to tell me about a pair of shoes she had brought. Me being a lover of good footwear wanted to see. So bless my lovely friend Lisa for taking the time to make me a little montage of her new Faith heels which she got for a mere £35 smackers down from £80…
A platform heel…check. Green suede…check. Lace up detail…check. Ankle detail…check… ……Jealous……moi?????


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  1. Avatar 051023 Lisa says:

  2. Avatar vesna says:

    soooo cuuute!!!

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