These Bunny Shoes Have My Name On

It’s no secret that I want bunnies. I am so obsessed at the moment that anything that looks vaguely like a bunny, I’m all over, which includes these badass sneakers.

Minna Parikka is my new found hero. She went into shoe design as unlike clothes, shoes don’t need to be inhabited by a body to make them look beautiful.

Take these Tail Sneakers for example, just look at how wonderful they look all by themselves. The cute floral print, the pink laces, the pointy ears complete with pink lining, and let’s not overlook the cute pom pom tail. Now imagine how good they’d look with my feet in.

All for €260. I want them so badly.

But even more, I want to meet Minna and tell her that her shoes rock my world and that she’s my new shoe hero.

In fact, I’ll end this post with my favourite quote from her website. “My designs are like love letters from one shoe lover to another. Life is too short to take style too seriously.”

I hear ya sister.


One response to “These Bunny Shoes Have My Name On”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    Oh my good lord, these are just incredible! x