Anne Hathaway’s Shaven Head

Only Anne Hathaway could shave all her hair off and still look hot. Life’s just not fair…

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Don’t panic though, she hasn’t ‘done a Britney’. Instead, she’s filming for a Les Miserables movie, where she plays Fantine, whose beauty deteriorates as she attempts to care for her child (selling both her two front teeth and her hair), turns to prostitution and becomes ill with tuberculosis.


What do you think? Does she rock the shaved head?


One response to “Anne Hathaway’s Shaven Head”

  1. Avatar RedHead says:

    That's a crop – you want a shaved head, check Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta!
    She'll look good in whatever that girl, but given the role it was for it was never going to look particularly sexy.