A pink tulip…

Today the sun was shining and everybody seemed to be in a good mood. It also gave me a chance to trial the new skirt…the pink tulip…love saying that. I wore it simply with black tights and an oversized black tee. The skirt is massively voluminous and I didn’t want to detract from that. I don’t really have any other bright pink items in my wardrobe and this made me feel a little bit girly and also maybe five years old again…
Although one thing I didn’t take into account was the hem. Obviously because it is a tulip shape the bottom of the skirt is slightly smaller so that the material hangs over it. This caused many many problems when running for the trains and when attempting to run up escalators….So not a good look to see me getting stuck getting off the train and having to jump instead of stepping down…and all because the material doesn’t let me stretch my legs enough! Damn. But at least it looks pretty…
I also wore this skirt in a mini celebration that it’s a bank holiday weekend…wahoooooo. What’s everyone got planned??? Me, well Saturday I’m going shopping with the mothership to look for some shoes for a wedding outfit (expect this in another post as I need some serious advice…oh but it’s not my wedding) and I also need to stock up on tights from Primark. Sunday I’m off to my partner in crime, Chez’s, BBQ/Cocktail party, then Monday I’m going to have a relaxing day with the boyf hopefully….Hope you all have a good one.


3 responses to “A pink tulip…”

  1. Avatar coco says:

    M&S is where I stock up on tights, they last ages. From Primark they must be, what, like 10p?
    And I love the skirt. Great colour.

  2. Avatar tanya says:

    looks like a fabulous weekend planned…hope you’re enjoying yourself! Love the skirt ūüôā

  3. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    That skirt is great, I love the colour, it suits you so well!