Green green grass….

What a bloomin’ brilliant bank holiday weekend. To quote Bob Marley “the sun was shining, the weather was sweet.” Yesterday we had a girly bbq day at the partner in crimes, I took this as the ideal opportunity to let the pasty legs out for some sun! Unfortunately they didn’t get much colour, if any, as I slapped on tons of suncream.

Wore out the new £7 green skirt….I LOVE IT…I’m so glad I bought it. The pockets are brilliant…I’m quite a fidget and need somewhere to put my hands…
I didn’t actually wear the trilby…was just messing around…trying to create a strong woman pose.

(skirt ASOS, vest and necklace Primark, flowered vest Topshop, Trilby ??)

Today I went for a roast round the boyf’s nans house. It didn’t look particularly warm when I got dressed, which is why I chose leggings and a tunic. This turned out to be a mistake as the weather was quite humid!! Decided to change and try out one of my fave dresses with the green skirt…What I really wanted was for the dress to be a bit longer then the skirt but there was no such luck…


10 responses to “Green green grass….”

  1. i love the colour of that skirt. its beautiful.

  2. Avatar prettyneons says:

    love the first outfit and the necklace =)
    PeAce & BoWs…
    prettyneons x

  3. I really like that top you are wearing, it works well with the skirt

  4. Avatar Eda says:

    That skirt is fantastic! I like skirts with pockets!

  5. Avatar Yuka says:

    good choice! i just got a skirt like that one too in grey from target.

  6. Avatar A. says:

    Adorable, as usual!

    P.S. I gave your blog a little award, check it out on my latest post 🙂


  7. Avatar Lucie says:

    Oh my lord, only £7? Ahhhh, there is justice in the world in the middle of the “credit crunch” haha, and you look fabulous in it!

    Can i ask where you got your vintage dress from in the post below this one? i love that too!

    Amazingness. I just love your style! x

  8. Avatar Dane says:

    I love that skirt.. I have one in pink and if it were up to me I’d wear it to death!

    Lovely blog

  9. very cute green skirt, and i really like the ruffled shirt.

  10. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I regret not getting that skirt now, damn!

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