Summers a calling…

Well what a week. Firstly the weather this weekend has been amazing. I’ve been out in the garden trying to get a little colour after numerous taunts of being called casper or looking translucent! Wednesday was my last day at paid work as my contract run out, which is a shame as I have bills to pay and will be flat broke pretty quickly! My internship at the girls website also ends in a couple of weeks. So I’m now on the hunt for a job. Anyone?? Hopefully this explains my absence…

Anyway thought I’d post some pics of me in the garden today. Please excuse the red nose and puffy eyes I am really suffering from hayfever. The tablets just don’t seem to be working.

(Dress and cardie Zara)

On a more positive note, the fashion event I’m helping to organise is going soooo well. Just got some amazing items sent from Jaeger. Have already tried all the clothes on and may post them. And on another positive note I found out Friday that the Fashion Ed from my intern is taking me to the Gala Show at Graduate Fashion Week. Wahooooooo

Also can’t believe to say a massive thank you to Allie from missmaterialist who gave me my first blog award! She gave me such a nice comment. Truly grateful!!!


7 responses to “Summers a calling…”

  1. Avatar tanya says:

    how beautiful! Love the way the light filters in on the first image–perfect summer dress for a perfect summer day 🙂

  2. u are ready for summer. i have realized that you have a lot of floral prints. it seems they are your signature look.

  3. Avatar Eda says:

    Lovely dress!

  4. Avatar Emz says:

    Love your dress! And I can’t wait for summer =) Good luck with the job hunt! If you’re interested in magazines you can check =)

  5. Avatar Yuka says:

    what a lovely dress. i love how the wind is blowing it in the last photo.

  6. Avatar Rain says:

    Love your dress! Great for the summer!

    Good luck with your job hunt!


  7. Avatar Allie! says:

    You're very welcome! If I'm ever in your land we should shop! 🙂


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