I want to be a strawberry

So Wimbledon is on the telly and it’s all been very exciting..yadda yadda yadda. But it all got a little bit more exciting when my work sidekick told me about this new website she had come across. She did then have to admit that she had been cyber stalking R-Patz on Perez…but hey ho, we all have our faults!

Anyways back to the clothes. The website claims to sell Mod Retro Indie Clothing hence the name Mod Cloth. I just so happened to stumble across this little number and instantly wanted it….

And that my friends is why I want to be a strawberry, or a strawberry shortcake to be precise. It could be all mine for $50 that’s £40 right?

The story behind Mod Cloth is actually quite endearing. It was started in 2002 by a couple, Eric and Susan, who were 17 at the time. They originally set out to sell just vintage clothing but have branched out to selling more vintage-inspired pieces.

You should definitley have a browse.


3 responses to “I want to be a strawberry”

  1. Avatar Janice says:

    Lovely red dress perfect combination for my new Chanel fake handbag.

  2. Avatar laura says:

    so cute, i love the polka dots! the modcloth story is out of this world unbelievable. they just got MAJORLY funded!

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