Want it on Wednesday: Check Mate Vibes

Sometimes I wonder if Free People have some kind of premonition over what I’m coveting most. How else would they know to send me an email featuring a check-print maxi dress paired with wide-brimmed fedora, slim scarf and ankle boots? I want to whole-heartedly embrace this 70’s look. It’s utter perfection.

Free People has that whole casual-but-cool vibe nailed. I imagine the people who wear these clothes in the real world are the kind who roll out of the bed, working their bed hair, and just throw on any old thing and look like this. And while I want that to be me, it just isn’t.

So until then, I’m going to carry on dreaming that I own this swingy, long-sleeved number, with its deep v-neckline, drawstring waist and ankle-length finish. Or the Audrey, as Free People call her. That’ll have to do for me.


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